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Using Law of Attraction Affirmations to attract what you desire


Affirmation statements are a powerful tool for increasing your self esteem and then creating the life that you believe you deserve.  By using positive thinking affirmations regularly, you actually change your thinking  patterns.  You can literally program yourself for success by using law of attraction affirmations.  Here’s how it works.   The Law of Attraction demonstrates that “like attracts like”.  Quantum Physics has now proven that everything is energy and it’s the varying vibrations of that energy that determine what the energy manifests/appears as.  Our thoughts are also made of energy.  All the different things we think about have their own unique vibration.  So if we want to attract new and different things into our life, we simply need to start thinking the thoughts with vibrations that correlate to the things we desire.  However, most thinking is done unconsciously, that is we don’t usually choose the thoughts we are currently thinking.  It is our subconscious mind that largely determines what we think about based on the internal beliefs it/we have adopted.  So if we want to change our thoughts, we need to change the beliefs of our subconscious mind so that they align with those things that we want to bring into our life.

This article will explain how to use affirmation statements in the correct way to effect significant changes in your life.  One of the keys to remember is that you are already using law of attraction affirmations all the time whether you are consciously aware of it or not.  What kind of thoughts do you think?  Is your inner voice positive and does it reinforce your self confidence?  Or does it berate you and make you feel unworthy?  Well, whatever your inner voice may be saying to you now, you can change that by consciously choosing new affirmation statements and positive thinking affirmations that build and support a high self esteem so that you feel worthy of success.  Here’s how to use law of attraction affirmations to change you and your life for the better.

First, define your standards for feeling worthy

Before you can accept good things in your life, you must feel worthy of having them.  We all deserve to be happy and fulfilled.  So begin by clarifying precisely what feeling worthy and having high self esteem and success means to you.  Nobody else’s definition matters here, this is your life.  One way to clarify this is by finding a person (it can even be an historic figure) whom you see as having high self esteem and success in life.  Next think about the actions that this person takes (or took) that exemplify confidence, a sense of worthiness and success.

You are going to influence your subconscious mind using positive thinking affirmations and affirmation statements that relate to the actions you correlate with worthiness, high self esteem and success.  Take the actions you chose from the self confident person you picked above and step them down to smaller actions that you feel you can do now.  For example, speaking to strangers, talking to someone of the opposite sex, or even initiating negotiations for something you wish to buy instead of paying full price.  Just be sure these action steps represent the actions of a worthy and successful person in your mind.

Second, formulate your law of attraction affirmations

There are four principles you must use in building affirmation statements. 

1.  Affirmation statements must be in the present tense  – not the past and not the future

2.  Positive thinking statements should be just that – positive and affirmative in nature.  Never use words like not, don’t, won’t, can’t and no

3. All law of attraction affirmations must be stated in the first person using “I” or “me”

4. All positive thinking affirmations  need to be action driven.  They are always about doing something

Here are some examples:

“I successful negotiate ‘win-win’ situations for all parties”

“I easily speak to women and/or strangers”

” I’m a terrific conversationalist”

“I easily follow my exercise program”

Notice that all these affirmation statements contain all four principles:  they are in the present tense, they are affirmative/positive in nature, they are in the first person and they all involve action.  Using positive thinking affirmations in this way will ensure success for you.   Next you are ready for the final step.

Third, use your affirmation statements!

Law of attraction affirmations won’t work if you don’t say them.  You can achieve the best results by saying your positive thinking affirmations out loud every morning and evening, and as many times as you can in between – with as much positive emotion as you can generate.  Try to say your law of attraction affirmations to yourself in a mirror; look deep into your eyes and really feel  as though you are actually doing the actions. Remember you are training – or really, retraining – your mind (first your subconscious mind and then your conscious mind) to think in a new way.  Just like exercising results in a new body that you must continue to exercise in or to maintain, so it is with positive thinking affirmations.  If you start to slack off in using them, your results with start to undo themselves.   So practice your law of attraction affirmations every day.   If they start to become boring to you, simply rewrite them.  And remember, it’s important that you feel strong, positive emotions when saying your law of attraction affirmations.  The stronger and more positive the emotions you feel when you are saying them, the more effective you will be at increasing your self esteem and attracting success into your life.  Make your positive thinking affirmations a lifelong commitment, and in return you will find yourself feeling more worthy and becoming more successful and attracting the good things that you currently only dream about, into your life.

If you want more help with your positive thinking affirmations and using law of attraction affirmations,  click here   

Good luck with your affirmations and may you have much happiness, health and success in life!