Attracting Money and Thinking Rich

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What you should know about thinking rich and attracting money 

Money is a state of mind, so that means attracting money into your life comes from thinking rich.  Having financial abundance really isn’t about earning it, or really even deserving it.  The truth is, we all deserve it because we are all Children of God and therefore we should enjoy a limitless, expansive life.  Financial abundance is about how much of it you think (subconsciously more than consciously) you should have.  If you have trouble attracting money, it’s because somewhere in your subconscious mind you feel  and believe you shouldn’t.  Your subconscious mind is not thinking rich.

There are usually two reasons for this.  First, you may feel unworthy, that is you believe you don’t deserve to have a lot of money.  This has nothing to do with reality though, it’s your lack of self esteem that prevents you from attracting money and having financial abundance.  Most people do have self esteem issues and finances is a very common area for this issue to be reflected in your life.  You would go a long way toward attracting money into your life if you find some self esteem help.   

The other reason you may not be thinking rich when you want to be rich is because you associate negative things with money.  We’ve all heard that “money is the root of all evil”, but the real quote is “the love of money is the root of all evil”.  In other words, greed is the cause of all evil – not money.  After all money is really just a representation of work and is neither good or bad in and of itself.  It’s the values and attitudes we attach to money that matter.  Even if you don’t think money is evil, you may think it’s bad or dirty.  Do you like to wash your hands after you’ve touched it?   Many people do.  You may think it’s not spiritual since Jesus taught us the meek will inherit the earth.  Of course, Jesus was undoubtedly talking about attitude here and not finances.  You may feel financial abundance is too much of a responsibility.  Or you may use the fact that you don’t have it as an excuse to not pursue other things in life (for instance your life’s purpose, your music, your art, your writing, or even learning or traveling) since you have to devote all your efforts to making or attracting money instead of doing these other things.   In this case, you not having all the money you want and not thinking rich really is just an avoidance technique.  We all resist change, so you really should take some time to evaluate your life and see if you’re using the lack of money as an excuse to avoid something else.

The key to changing your monetary situation is to find the reasons for it.  Is it your beliefs about money or does not thinking rich serve to support another, non-desirable belief.  Sometimes, just contemplating money will open up issues for you.  But sometimes you may need the help of a therapist, a friend with good insights, or a person who does energy clearing or the like.  And remember, just because you currently have – or maybe even you always have had – money issues, you are not destined to always live this way forever.  You can change your situation by changing your thinking.  The Law of Attraction teaches us that what we think about will be attracted into our lives, and this is especially so when strong emotions accompany the thoughts.  And since money really is a state of mind then, the mind is where you need to focus your attention to make changes in your financial situation and start attracting money and thinking rich.

I hope this  information has been helpful to you.  May you have an abundant financial future!