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Whats Life About and What Is My Lifes Purpose?

How To Answer The Question Whats Life About And Discover Your Lifes Purpose Finding your lifes purpose is the real key to living a happy and rewarding life.  All religions and spiritual teachings address the general question “Whats life about?” and then they give you an answer to help you lead a happy, fulfilling and productive Life.  […]

Spirituality Practice And Self Improvement Help

Developing Personal Growth Programs Your lifelong journey of personal and spiritual growth is the most rewarding area on which you can put your attention.  This article will provide self improvement help and personal growth programs reinforced by spirituality practice which will help you create a happy and fulfilling life.  So let’s begin with the first lesson. Humility […]

Self Esteem Activities and Self Esteem Help

Ways Of Improving Self Confidence Improving self confidence is probably the most important thing you can do to improve your life. Too often we don’t take advantage of opportunities or self sabotage ourselves if we do because we feel inadequate. It deeply affects every area of our life:  relationships, career, health and finances. This article will provide […]

The 7 Step Self Improvement Program

Although beginning a self improvement  program is a life long journey, here you will  find seven simple practices that you can add to your daily routine which will quickly bring you noticeable results – fast.  Since you are most likely interested in self improvement  (otherwise you probably wouldn’t be reading this), you may have already […]

Subconscious Mind Training

Changing Your Thinking and Reprogramming The Subconscious Mind The hidden powers of the subconscious mind were discovered over a century ago.  And today almost every topic in the self improvement genre touches on reprogramming the subconscious mind or subconscious mind training or even just ways of changing your thinking as a means of creating a […]

Affirmation Statements And Positive Thinking Affirmations

Using Law of Attraction Affirmations to attract what you desire   Affirmation statements are a powerful tool for increasing your self esteem and then creating the life that you believe you deserve.  By using positive thinking affirmations regularly, you actually change your thinking  patterns.  You can literally program yourself for success by using law of […]

Attracting Money and Thinking Rich

What you should know about thinking rich and attracting money  Money is a state of mind, so that means attracting money into your life comes from thinking rich.  Having financial abundance really isn’t about earning it, or really even deserving it.  The truth is, we all deserve it because we are all Children of God […]

Manifest Prosperity

Attracting Abundance with Money Affirmations And Other Techniques The Law of Attraction or the universal principle that “like attracts like” is probably most used with the intent to create financial security and abundance.  In today’s economy, the ability to manifest prosperity is mandatory.  This article will introduce how to use money affirmations and some other techniques […]

Weight Loss Affirmations and Simple Weight Loss Tips

Easy to use and simple weight loss tips and advice on using weight loss affirmations Your mind can and does ultimately control your weight.  The only true solution to a weight problem must come through retraining your mind.  Weight loss affirmations are excellent for that and some other simple weight loss tips can really help […]

Depression Self Help And Holistic Treatment For Depression

A brief overview of holistic treatment for depression and tools and techniques for depression self help Below is the depression self help I have discovered and used in my holistic treatment for depression that I have battled for 55 years.  These are all natural treatments and techniques.  Since every person is different, though, you need to […]

How Can We Change The World?

And Make Paradise on Earth This is a very grand promise, but I really can answer the question how can we change the world and make paradise on earth.  What’s even more astounding it that you probably already know the answer already, too.  But like so many profound concepts, the simplicity of it causes us […]