How Can We Change The World?

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And Make Paradise on Earth

Paradise on Earth: As Above, So Below

This is a very grand promise, but I really can answer the question how can we change the world and make paradise on earth.  What’s even more astounding it that you probably already know the answer already, too.  But like so many profound concepts, the simplicity of it causes us to miss the point.  The key to Paradise on Earth is the Golden Rule of Christianity, that is:  Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.  It is also akin to the law of Karma in the eastern religions, that is:  what goes around, comes around, with the implication being, treat others the way you‘d like to be treated.  The Christian version is stated as a directive, the eastern version states is as a fact, a law or rule of life.  The Law of Attraction is the current, modern take on it.  All Major spiritual teachings advocate this principle.  I believe it’s divine instruction for us on how can we change the world and make it better.

Think for a moment, how can we change the world  if we lived according to this principle – if we treated other people the way we want to be treated.  People wouldn’t kill other people or rob them, or beat them, or rape them, or harm them, or even just be rude or nasty to them.

Now it is true that some people are sick or mentally unbalanced.  But those who are not sick or unbalanced would, under this directive, loving tend those who are.  If someone did a bad deed, every effort would be made to rehabilitate them instead of subjecting to the horrors of many of our prisons where they now often come out even more unstable and dangerous than when they went in.  Those who couldn’t be rehabilitated would be cared for and supported in hospitals or institutions in a loving and respectful environment.  How can we change the world?  Living our lives like this would surely do it.

It’s interesting to reflect on this.  The more I do so, the more I realize that it really is the answer to how can we change the world for the better and solve all our problems.  However, even more interesting I find, is the fact that it is just so difficult to live this way.  I have believed in the value of living by this creed for years, and yet I find that I don’t actually “do” it that often.  I have often pondered why but I’ve never come up with a good answer.  Still, I’m not ready to abandon it yet and I’ve actually come up with a pretty good plan for doing it now. 

What if we made a goal for ourselves of doing this just once a day (to start with)?  It could be a small thing, as simple as letting someone go ahead of you in line at the grocery store when you have 30 items and they have 5.  It could be letting someone merge in front of you in traffic.  It could be as simple as smiling and saying hello when you pass someone on the street.  Or it could be something bigger like donating to someone in need, or a cause you believe in, or volunteering your time to help someone in need.  Whatever you feel you want to do that day is fine.  I notice that when I do a good deed, or even when someone does a good deed for me, that I walk away feeling happy and ready to do a good deed in turn for someone else.  But when I behave poorly or am treated poorly, I leave irritable and am likely to be rude to the next people I encounter.  I know I like the former better than the later and this little exercise helps to automatically set me up for that. 

After a few days, it’s easy to do 2, 3 or 5 deeds a day.  A while later, even 10 or 15.  Whatever number seems comfortable and readily obtainable can be your cut off number.  Also, if  I have a bad day and only do 7 or even 0 good deeds when I’d planned for 15, I  accept that, forgive myself and start fresh the next day.   It’s not a race, but a way of life and life ebbs and flows.  We have good days and bad days and it’s futile to beat ourselves up when we have a bad day.  Just let it go and move on.  I find it helpful not to put too much pressure on myself.  The point is to feel good about doing good things, and encourage that behavior by means of setting up achievable goals, recognizing that the important thing is the “living“, not the “tallying up” of goals achieved.  This is an important point so remember it.  And, the goals themselves, while valuable in and of themselves because they set up a chain reaction of good things, actually do double duty by setting me up to feel happy, uplifted and proud of myself.  How can we change the world if a whole bunch of us were doing this?  A lot I would say!

So there you have it, the simple but profound answer to how can we  change the world for the better.  And it’s a way to start implementing it slowly so that it’s doable and achievable for everyone.  I hope you will also adopt this practice.  And please share it with anyone who also asks how can we change the world.

All the best to you in creating a better life.