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Attracting Abundance with Money Affirmations And Other Techniques

The Law of Attraction or the universal principle that “like attracts like” is probably most used with the intent to create financial security and abundance.  In today’s economy, the ability to manifest prosperity is mandatory.  This article will introduce how to use money affirmations and some other techniques to help you better your financial situation as quickly and easily as possible.

Two of America’s greatest thinkers, Albert Einstein and Thomas Edison believed that the human mind emits, or transmits a frequency based upon what that person thinks about.  These frequencies go out into the universe and connect to other similar frequencies, which draws things (people, situations, physical items) vibrating at that frequency back to the originator.  This is why “thoughts are things” – they literally create those things in your life.   So, if you want to manifest prosperity in your life, you must transmit prosperity frequencies which will then begin attracting abundance into your life.  One of the fastest ways to do this is to think about what you want, i.e. money, as often as possible and with as much passion as possible.  Choose powerful money affirmations that excite you and then start training your mind to go to these thoughts whenever you have a spare moment.

Here are some more tips to use with your money affirmations to help you manifest prosperity quickly and begin attracting abundance into your life. 

1)  BELIEVE   Money affirmations won’t work if you don’t believe you really can have what you desire.  If your desire is so grand that you doubt you’ll ever get it, then pick another desire to start with.  If you feel undeserving, you need to change that and feel worthy.  Once you are more confident in your ability to create, then you can start focusing on the bigger desires.  You don’t have to manifest prosperity tomorrow, start attracting abundance first by bringing in a small amount and then keep increasing it. 

2)  ACT “AS IF”   Once you believe that you “can” have what you desire, you will quickly manifest prosperity if you can maintain the mindset of already “having” it.  If you want money to pay your bills, get in touch with how you’d feel if you had that money, then “act as if” you do, practice feeling like you have it already.  A large part of attracting abundance is “fake it ’till you make it”.  The vibrations of these feelings will go out into the universe and bring you back things that will give you more of these types of feelings.  Your money affirmations should be stated in a way that presumes you already have what you desire.

3)  HAVE PASSION   You need to have a “burning desire” when attracting abundance.  The strong emotions attached to the thoughts that you constantly think are what bring in your desire quickly.  This is the essence of attracting abundance in a nutshell.  Your money affirmations should be stated in a way that excites you whenever you think them and that bring a smile to your face without you realizing it. 

4)  COMPASSION   Einstein believed we live in a “friendly” universe, that is, one that is basically good and not bad.  You will manifest prosperity more easily if you work with the flow of the universe instead of against it.  Be kind to others, do good deeds, offer encouragement, be friendly.  Not only will you find it easier to go with the current but you will be planting seeds that will return like things back to you.  Attracting abundance isn’t only about finances, relationships and satisfaction are part of an abundant life too.  Don’t stop with just having great money affirmations, make sure you take actions that contribute to others and the world as well.

5)  GRATITUDE   No matter how dire your situation, you still have good things in your life.  Acknowledge them and be grateful for them.  The vibration of gratitude is VERY powerful.  The more you have it, the more the universe will give you things that you can be grateful for.  Every program for attracting abundance emphasizes the importance of gratitude.  You will not manifest prosperity if you leave this out.  Spend time at least twice a day, first thing in the morning and last thing at night, going over as many things as you can come up with to be thankful for.  If you do, you will find your money affirmations work even more quickly.

6)  TAKE ACTION   “Ready – fire – aim” and that is not a typo!!!  You need to take action.  As you think about what you want to bring into your life more and more and with intense emotions, you will find ideas, circumstances, opportunities and people start coming into your life.  These things are proof that you are attracting abundance, but you have to put effort into them to actually manifest prosperity.  I like to explore all options that come my way.  I may soon decide that one or more is not appropriate for me, but I don’t make hasty decisions without giving everything a chance first.  Money affirmations will seldom bring you all the money you desire out of thin air.  Used properly, they will however, give you the opportunity to have all that you desire, if you show commitment and dedication to following through with things until you achieve your goal.  So get ready.  Then jump on situations and opportunities as they come to you.  Then reevaluate whether continuing on this course of action is warranted or not. 

And remember, this is your life and YOU decide how to live it.  You know what’s right for you better than anyone else.  Don’t give your power to others, stand up and claim it and become the best person you can be.  Live your life from this perspective and you will be prosperous..