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Ways Of Improving Self Confidence

Improving self confidence is probably the most important thing you can do to improve your life. Too often we don’t take advantage of opportunities or self sabotage ourselves if we do because we feel inadequate. It deeply affects every area of our life:  relationships, career, health and finances. This article will provide self esteem help and self esteem activities that you can use to quickly develop a stronger sense of self worth.

1. Know yourself. You undoubtedly need self esteem help now because, in the past, people around you put you down.  Children naturally believe what people say to them, but when these things are discouraging rather than encouraging, low self esteem is the result. Improving self confidence today starts with you deciding that your opinion is now the most important one in your life. Remind yourself that you are deserving. If you need proof, remember almost all the spiritual teachings throughout time have agreed that we human beings are “Children of God”; can you rely believe that a “Child of God” is unworthy?  Of course you can’t, so stop telling yourself that you aren’t worthy. You will increase your self esteem faster if you first change your thinking and then engage in other self esteem activities. Review your strengths and weaknesses as honestly as you can, and then decide to honor and accept yourself as you are.

2. Next, start noticing the activities you participate in and view them from the standpoint of self esteem activities – do they help or hinder your self esteem? If they hinder it, then you either need to move them out of your life, or at least decrease the amount of your time there, or you need to change the interaction or experience to ones that support improving self confidence. The self esteem help you seek will always originate with the choices you make in your mind first, so honestly review your activities and relationships and consciously make efforts to make them be ones that support strong self esteem.

3. Practice self control. Improving self confidence really boils down to learning to control and focus your thoughts and inner dialogue. This self control is developed through practice. Of all the self esteem activities, this is one of the most important. Don’t dismiss it because you think it restricts your freedom. In reality, it gives you more freedom since once you have learned to control your thoughts, then you can start using them – through the Law of Attraction – to create the life you really want. This is one of the foundation blocks of all self esteem help.

4. Find a purpose. Having a definite purpose to focus on is one of the more underrated self esteem activities but is really quite useful self esteem help. It not only focuses your thinking, thus keeping you from dwelling on your shortcomings, but it helps develop the character trait of decisiveness. Decisiveness goes hand in hand with improving self confidence. Insecure people are indecisive while confident people easily make decisions and move forward with them. You can help clarify your purpose by keeping a daily journal. Write down the question, “What is my definite purpose?” but don’t try to answer it right away. Over time, ideas will start coming to you, so write them down in your journal too. Soon it will all come together and you will discover your definite purpose.

5. Watch your thoughts. Improving self confidence will happen quickly if you change your inner dialogue. Affirmations are one of the most powerful self esteem activities you can do. Use them for self esteem help as often as you can during the day. If you convince your subconscious mind that you are worthy, your conscious mind will follow. For more details, check the article on affirmations.

6. Greet people with a smile. Look them in the eye. These are self esteem activities that convey confidence to the other person. When on the phone, give your name before you ask to speak to the person you’re calling. This is how people with strong self regard behave so as you act this way, you will be improving self confidence in yourself. Acting “as if” you are a confidence is powerful self esteem help.

7. Show sincere gratitude in accepting compliments and gifts. Showing respect and appreciation for others in giving and receiving is the mark of a confident person.  As you do this, people will naturally respect and appreciate you in return which goes a long way in also improving self confidence in you.  So here again, acting “as if” is good self esteem help.

8. Be modest. Only a person lacking self esteem feels the need to brag to make up for the inadequacies he or she feels. Ironically, being modest is great for improving self confidence because when you are truly satisfied with your self will you no longer need affirmation from others.

9. Be positive. Not only about yourself and your good qualities, but in all your conversations with others. Confident people look to expand, not contract. See the glass as half full, not half empty and watch how it affects those around you. They will naturally feel good and enjoy being around you which will go a long way in improving self confidence for you.

10. Always look for the gift. That is, when things go wrong in your life, look for what you can learn from it. Finding value in a difficult experience instead of berating yourself for what you should have done differently is one of the self esteem activities that yields strong self esteem help.

11. Be generous. As you give to someone in need their gratitude and appreciation toward you is potent self esteem help, thus improving self confidence in you. Plus it puts out a positive energy into the universe as well as blessing the person you help. It’s really a win-win-win situation. Practice giving often then, it’s one of the very best self esteem activities you can do.

12. Be productive. When you do feel insecure and your confidence is waning. find something productive to do as quickly as possible. Accomplishing something – anything – is a great mood changer and allows you to easily switch back into feeling confident and worthy again.

I hope you enjoyed these self esteem activities and tips. If you want even more help, check out the  Self Confidence Creator.  You can measurably increase your self confidence in only 7 days.  This program is really fantastic for improving self confidence and I highly recommend it!.