The 7 Step Self Improvement Program

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Reach For The Stars......

Although beginning a self improvement  program is a life long journey, here you will  find seven simple practices that you can add to your daily routine which will quickly bring you noticeable results – fast.  Since you are most likely interested in self improvement  (otherwise you probably wouldn’t be reading this), you may have already heard of some of these through another self improvement program.  But if you consistently use all seven of these strategies, you will be surprised at how fast you start to see positive results.

This simple 7 Step Self Improvement Program is the one I choose to use after over 30 years of study dedicated to personal growth.  I hope you find them as useful and valuable as I do.

1.  Keep a Daily Journal

This may seem like work at first, but once you get accustomed to writing down your thoughts and desires, you’ll find it so helpful that you’ll start to look forward to doing it.  It also encourages you to be more aware of what’s happening in your life since you’ll have to “report” to yourself later in the day.  This awareness will help you be better prepared when things take a bad turn during the day.  And this will also help increase your self confidence.  Remember, most of the great leaders throughout history have utilized this strategy so you know it works.  Stick with it and make journaling a part of your self improvement program.

2.  Meditate

This is another one that can feel like a burden at first.  But like journaling, once  you’ve started to do it and experienced benefits from it, it will become something you pleasantly anticipate doing.  Meditation is one of the most important tools in any self improvement program.  It lowers your stress levels and helps clear your mind so that you can use your mind more effectively.  It  recharges your body’s energy so that it is stronger and more resistant to illness and injury and it helps your heart stay healthy.  A final added benefit is that it can help people who have trouble falling asleep since it supports more restful sleep.

3.  Expect to succeed

You need to believe that you can and will achieve what you are working toward.  Professional athletes and the top businessmen in the world all program their minds to expect that they will win, that things will go their way, that they will accomplish what they set out to do.  Even if you don’t know “how” you’re going to accomplish something, if you just believe and expect that you will achieve it, your mind will find a way to do so.  And, through the Law of Attraction, the Universe will start to send you people and circumstances that will help you to achieve it.  Begin from a position of bold expectation and then persevere until you get the results you’re seeking.

4.  Write out your goals

When you write down your goals, it helps you to clarify what you really want.  And it naturally points you in the right direction to achieve them.  In other words, it helps you create the appropriate action plan as well.  Writing down your goals will also start to create expectation in your thinking, which though the Law of Attraction, will also help you achieve them.  Goal writing is so important that almost any self improvement program will recommend it.

5. Maintain balance

The process of living is a holistic process.  All the areas in your life – health, career, finances, and relationships all interact with and affect each other.  No matter which area of your life you are working on, remember to also give attention and time to the other areas and maintain a level of balance between them all.  This is mandatory to build the physical stamina, the emotional stability, the financial strength and the social support system everyone needs for a happy and rewarding life.

6. Use affirmations

Positive affirmations are a wonderful tool to add to your self improvement program that will help you reprogram your mind to achieve what you desire.  You cannot only use them to modify your actions and improve your relationships, but you can literally change your personality and character with them if you so choose.  You can use affirmations to help you maintain balance by including an affirmation in each of the four areas of your life – health, relationships, career and finance.  You should say them daily, shortly after waking and shortly before going to bed and the more times you say them during the day, the better.  They’re even more powerful if you say them out loud.  One great way to use them is to say them to yourself out loud in front of a mirror as you look deeply into your own eyes.  For more information on affirmations, read our report Affirmation Statements and Positive Thinking Affirmations.

7.  Help Others

The Golden Rule and the Law of Karma teach us that what we do and how we treat others will come back to us.  You should help others for that reason alone.  But even more important is how you feel when you help people  (or any living creature for that matter).  When you are able to help someone – especially a loved one – but really anyone who is serious need, it is one of the most rewarding experiences you can have in life.  Do yourself and others a favor and have as many of those experiences as you can.  Teaching others is a wonderful way to help them.  And, as you teach, it has an added benefit of helping you to clarify in your own mind the subject your are teaching.  You can start helping others by sharing the principals of self growth that you are now learning.  Of course you don’t want to force others to accept your ideas, but if you can kindly share ideas with others, you will find many people who are anxious to learn the material.  In the end, we are all on our own life’s journey which includes our own individual self improvement program.  You never know when a little thing you decide to share with someone can have a significant impact on them which results in a major, positive shift in their life.

I hope you enjoyed these seven tips and I hope they are very useful to you as you embark on your own self improvement program.