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Developing Personal Growth Programs

Your lifelong journey of personal and spiritual growth is the most rewarding area on which you can put your attention.  This article will provide self improvement help and personal growth programs reinforced by spirituality practice which will help you create a happy and fulfilling life.  So let’s begin with the first lesson.


Pride does come before a fall and in many cases, it is actually the cause of the fall.   All self improvement help should include the virtue of humility.  We are all constantly evolving and changing and what was true for you yesterday, may change tomorrow, so never become attached to any particular view or knowledge.  Most personal growth programs and almost all spirituality practice programs emphasize the importance of being open to new and different viewpoints. You can still accept, acknowledge and respect someone even though you disagree with their viewpoint.   And it really is true that the more you learn, the more you realize how much you don’t know.


If you were to reduce spirituality practice down to one common element, it would be balance.  Personal growth programs all seek balance in the four areas of life:  health, relationships, finances and career.  Our world is one of polarity – up and down, male and female, in and out, etc so balance is mandatory everywhere on the planet and, most important to us, within our personal life.  Regaining balance in any area that is unbalanced will always result in self improvement help for you. 


We are ultimately spiritual beings having a temporary, human experience and with poor health, your entire life is miserable.  When looking for self improvement help, start by improving your health in order to achieve the goals you set.  Eat well – lots of natural food, with as little processing, additives and preservatives as possible.  Exercise at least three times a week, you can begin with just walking.  Remember, moderation and balance is key here.  One of the most basic elements in spirituality practice, meditation requires focus and you need a healthy body with good energy in order to have the ability to retain focus. All personal growth programs realize how important health is, so don’t neglect and don’t abuse your body.

Commune with Nature

Much of the self improvement help you seek can be found in nature.  Observe its cycles – daily cycles, the seasons, birth and death and the cycles in between.  Spirituality practice recognizes that because we are part of nature, that we are therefore part of the whole – our planet Earth – and so we are connected to all things (and each other) on the planet.  Your personal growth programs should include observation, respect and support for nature and it’s flow as much as possible.  Spend as much time outdoors as possible and you will naturally start to observe more and then begin to feel a kinship with nature.


Don’t just contribute after you have you have met your own needs, but rather find a way to contribute while you are working to meet your needs.  Spirituality practice teaches that this is the secret to a happy, rewarding life.  The self improvement help you seek comes when you start to help others.  Helping others is one of the most rewarding experience you can have, so do it often.  Then observe how it increases your sense of self worth and confidence.  Watch how it expands your heart and your ability to connect with others.  Remember what goes around comes around, so as you help others, help comes to you.  Contribution is a vital key to all personal growth programs..