Weight Loss Affirmations and Simple Weight Loss Tips

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Easy to use and simple weight loss tips and advice on using weight loss affirmations

Your mind can and does ultimately control your weight.  The only true solution to a weight problem must come through retraining your mind.  Weight loss affirmations are excellent for that and some other simple weight loss tips can really help as well.

1)  Your first order of business is to accept yourself – completely – as you are right now.  Compassion for yourself is one of the simple weight loss tips that is often neglected but that yields great results.  You accept the flaws in those that you love, so you owe that much to yourself as well.  Food, for many people, can be a way to self medicate, to dull the pain of a challenging life.  Don’t berate yourself because you have pain in your life, but be grateful that you have found a way to cope and then move forward in a positive direction to try to improve your life.  Your weight loss affirmations should always include one or more affirmations where you accept and honor yourself as you are right now.

2)  Create some kind of visual picture with your face on a body that is healthy and within the appropriate weight range for your height, you can photoshop it on the computer or cut out a magazine picture and cut out a picture of your face and glue that onto the picture.  It’s amazing how a visual picture can and does help reprogram your subconscious mind.  A metabolism that burns alot of calories really helps in weight management and you can change your metabolism by changing your subconscious beliefs about yourself.  Weight loss affirmations are an excellent way to start doing this.

3)  Add some type of exercise to you routine. This will also help change your metabolism.  It will also improve your health – all body systems will benefit from it, it will give you more energy once you acclimate to it, it will help you think more clearly, it will give you a since of accomplishment and boost your self esteem, and since much of exercise is done outdoors, it will help center you as you spend more time out in nature.  Walking is an excellent exercise.  It’s easy – almost every can do it, it needs no special equipment, and it will get you out in nature.  Start out small and add a manageable amount of exercise to your routine at least three times a week.  Exercise of any kind is one of the simple weight loss tips that will also yield multiple benefits.

4)  Work with your body, not against.  Your body is not your enemy.  Most women and many men are unhappy with their body.  But remember your body is the only lifelong friend you will have.  Other people will come and go in your life, but as long as you are alive, your body is faithfully serving you.  Your heart continues to beat and never takes a rest despite how many times it’s been broken.  Your cells all continue to repair themselves no matter how many times they are damaged – willfully much of the time.   All weight loss affirmations should include a statement of appreciation for your body.  Gratitude is a powerful energy.  Try speaking to your body and  tell it how grateful you are that it works so well and acknowledge the many good things about it.  Of all the simple weight loss tips, this one has been one of the most rewarding ones – and not just for weight loss either.  Try it, I think you’ll like it too.

5)  Gradually change the way you eat.  Diets don’t work.  Only permanent lifestyle changes wil permanently handle weight issues.  But, don’t look at it from the perspective of having to adopt an eating program you don’t like – even a temporary one.  Start by making this easy changes as much as you can

** add more healthy foods to your diet as often as possible – including fruits and vegetables of course.  

** phase out the more processed foods as much as possible – especially white flour, white sugar and processed fats


** try to stay away from msg, high fructose corn syrup, artificial sweeteners (sugar is even to be preferred over these), hydrogenated oils, 


** try to eat organic fruits and vegetables and animals that have been raised with organic feed.  If you knew how most animals are raised, you wouldn’t want to eat them anyway.


** try not to eat after 6 (or 7 if need be) at night.  Get in the habit of having only liquids after that.  


** drink lots of water (try for 64 ounces or 1/2 gallon per day) and try to stay away from sodas as much as you can


** chew your food more.  Count 25 chews each bite you take and you will be amazed at how soon you feel satisfied.

** stop eating when you are satisfied, save the rest for later or even through it out, but you want to start shrinking your stomach so don’t continue to stuff it full every time you eat

** try to do cleanses if you can.  These include liver, kidney, colon and whole body cleanses.

Now, formulate weight loss affirmations that incorporate these simple weight loss tips and state them in a simple way that is pleasing to you.  Say these weight loss affirmations to yourself as much as possible and try to really “feel” what you’re saying.  This will retrain your subconscious mind and if you change your subconscious mind’s thoughts, soon you will see corresponding changes in your actual life.  You will soon find it easy to do the simple weight loss tips we just covered. 

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Be consistent in your efforts but also remember to be accepting of yourself and where you are.  Good luck!!