Whats Life About and What Is My Lifes Purpose?

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How To Answer The Question Whats Life About And Discover Your Lifes Purpose

Finding your lifes purpose is the real key to living a happy and rewarding life.  All religions and spiritual teachings address the general question “Whats life about?” and then they give you an answer to help you lead a happy, fulfilling and productive Life.  But beyond generalities such as being a good parent, or spouse or friend or even just a good person, we each have a unique lifes purpose that only we can achieve.  Yet, ask most people whats life about for them, and they are unable to give you a specific answer.  Still, I think most of us sense in our innermost being that there is a path, a role we can play, something we can do that is particularly important.   But, despite that inner knowing, grasping just what your lifes purpose is remains very illusive to most of us.  But if you can answer “whats life about?” for you, you will be on your way to a profoundly happy and fulfilling life.

If you are serious about discovering your lifes purpose, here are some simple strategies.  Use these to help you answer the age old question, “Whats life about?”

Step One

The first thing you need to do in finding your lifes purpose is to let go of the noise and static in your brain which keeps you from hearing the small, quiet voice in your heart.  Your brain is great at helping you organize the activities in your life, but the answer to whats life purpose is found in a deeper part of yourself, in that part that is connected to the Oneness.  This part of you speaks to your through your heart, not your brain.

I will assume that you already have some interest and belief in spirituality, otherwise you would not even be asking whats life about and how do I find lifes purpose.  So you are probably already aware that you and only you are responsible for your own personal and spiritual growth.  Others can give input and guidance, but in the end, you alone must decide what is appropriate for you.  This all begins by learning how to listen to your inner voice.

Step Two

The first step in learning to listen to your inner voice is to recognize that you do in fact have one.  Everyone does.  Rest assured you are not the one person who came into life without it.  Take it on faith that you do have an inner voice that is tapped into the Oneness of Life and that it will guide you toward what is best for you.  Your inner voice will answer the question “Whats life about?”, it will tell you your lifes purpose, and then it will help you to achieve it.  One way to start hearing your inner voice is to keep a daily journal.  Journaling helps bridge your brain’s conscious thoughts with your intuitive, subconscious thoughts.  It is through your intuition that your inner voice will communicate to your conscious self.  The focused exercise of writing helps you clarify random thoughts.  Remember some of these random thoughts originate with your inner voice which is already trying to guide you.  Ask yourself meaningful questions such as, “What do I want to be remembered for in life?”, “What do I want to accomplish before I die?” and similar type questions.  Answers will start to come to you and soon you’ll start to discern the differences in your thoughts between your more analytical, conscious brain and your more emotional, subconscious mind.  Practice tuning into your inner voice through smaller, easier questions at first as you start to learn to listen to your inner voice. 

Step Three

You already know what you like.  This is another way your inner voice is trying to guide you.  So participate in things that you enjoy and that you are drawn toward.  Read up on things that interest you – ideas, places, experiences, people.  As you study and participate in various things that appeal to you, you encourage your inner guidance  and you will find that it in return starts to communicate even more with you.  

Remember, finding your unique answer to the question “Whats life about?” is perhaps the most important thing you will do in life.  It is well worth your best effort to find the answer.  And it is through establishing a communication link between your inner voice and guidance and your conscious mind that you will find the reason for your lifes purpose.